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Our Clients Love Us

Dr Koh

KL Dental Surgery, Kuala Lumpur

Doctor Assist is very reliable and efficient software. I have great technical support from the staffs of the company which is very important if there is any unpredictable breakdown of the software. Thank you Doctor Assist.

Dr Stephanie Gan

Klinik Pergigian Dr. Stephanie Gan

Time management and proper dental record keeping are important to manage patients' appointments in a dental clinic, which is why Doctor Assist is a highly recommended system for management of patients' appointments. I have been using Doctor Assist for 3 years in different dental clinics and Doctor Assist really help me in my patients' appointment management and record keeping. This is the reason I installed Doctor Assist in my new dental clinic now. The technical team for Doctor Assist is really helpful and professional too, they solve all my Doctor Assist problems in a short period of time.

Dr Nasir

Klinik Pergigian Ruzita, Selangor

We have been using Doctor Assist Application for almost 3 years and it's been a big help to the clinic. Patient Registration, Bill Payment, Appointment, Payment Checking and other multitasking tasks were so easy and very quick. You cannot compare it at all with manual/card registration. The remote support from Mywam head office is so efficient and helpful. Thank You Doctor Assist, Thank You Mywam for developing this great application/software.


J&J Dental Care (4 branches), Jakarta

The effectiveness of Doctor Assist on record keeping for patient’ files in a very organized yet comprehensive manner strikes us a lot. After the trial of Doctor Assist, we learned that it really suits perfect on the kind of clinic management that we are striving to work on everyday. From the record keeping, file tracing and billing system considering our large numbers of patients and clinic branches that we have. Doctor Assist really helps us to manage our patients with great enhance and improvement. With Doctor Assist, we can easily access all patients file in one terminal in seconds, without the burden of checking stacks of records from one file to another. Now it is easier for us to accommodate a waiting list of new patients without the trouble to writing data one by one. The paperless system gives us the relief of not losing any of our patients’ files or misplaces it. It saves a lot of time for us to be able for us to deliver a “total patient care”. It is also customizable to suit the templates that we are specifically using which helps us generate all the reports that we need whether weekly, monthly or yearly report in less time. Doctor Assist really helps us to manage our clinics in an easy yet comprehensive and effective way.

Dr. Noreen

Indramawar Dental Clinic, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

Since using this software, our appointment booking system is much more organized, as we can locate each exact patient's record just by asking for his IC number. We can make changes in the booking, for eg rescheduling appointments in a clean and easy to see manner -previously with manual system there would be a mess created when rescheduling patients, and a headache to know who was actually coming in for that day. When there is a change in the status of the patient's appointment- for eg from “Confirmed” to “Cancelled”, the dentist knows straightaway about it from his own laptop in the surgery. We do not need to constantly ask the front desk about the status. There is even a box for remarks so that the staff can key in the reason for the cancellation. Patients' records can be easily accessed if the patient calls in with complaint or questions after treatment. Billing is also streamlined, neat and organized compared to manual systems. Just a click, and the patient's receipt is created and printed. With Dr Assist, the dentist can now manage treatment planning so that each member of the auxiliary team knows exactly what the patient needs to come in for the next visit. With product stock control or inventory, we know when to reorder our stock before it gets too low or becomes even zero (happened in the past with manual systems). Overall, I am pleased with the Dr Assist software. It really is another virtual assistant!

Ratha Rajasoorian, Assistant General Manager (Operations)

KL Fertility Centre @ Damansara City Mall

We have worked with Doctor Assist for close to 2 years now, we consider ourselves lucky to have found such a dedicated team! They actively seek ways to resolve any issues that may arise and are prompt in responding when they need them to. The DA team listen to our needs and ensure that everything on our wish list, if in their capacity, is addressed. Their system is easy to use yet quite customisable which worked out very well for us. Connie and Phei Chee have been our DA bedrock and made our DA journey an easy one. The support team as well are always online with us (even out of hours), and we can rely on them to provide the best service. Well done DA team! Looking forward to a long and fruitful working relationship with the team.

Dr Liew Ait Chen

B Teo Medical Centre, Kuching

I’ve started using Doctor Assist software since July 2013. Doctor Assist is a user friendly, user specific clinic management software which is multi-tasking with highly relevant features for clinic setting. It provides instant access to patient records, good billing and invoicing system, stock inventory movement and able to generate monthly P/L ratio. It helps us to go green and paperless as well as to minimize human error in record keeping, medication dispensing and stock keeping. Furthermore, the prompt efficient online help desk support, database maintenance and back up service make our life so much easier.

The recent upgrade software version has the pop-up window for medical alert which is wonderful for me. The service department is friendly and helpful and they provide excellent post-sale service. I highly recommend Doctor Assist software to our dear colleagues.

Datuk Dr Chan Fook Kow

Ampang Endoscopy, Kuala Lumpur

I found out about Doctor Assist via flyers in my clinic. After discussing with the person in charge and testing out, I found that it suits my requirements of being both convenient and applicable. Prior to using this system, I was using manual billing system. Doctor Assist makes it much easier to trace patient files and test results. It also takes up less space than medical records. The paperless system entails less work, as I don’t have to look through paper files to locate patient information.

For doctors who have yet to try Doctor Assist, I would advise that it is a much more convenient method of record keeping. Not only it is easy to use, but it also requires less storage space. Doctor Assist is a fast and easy method of medical record keeping. Not only that, it is also an enviromentally-friendly solution due to the reduction in paper consumption. While being cost efficient, the Doctor Assist system saves time spent looking for files and charts, allowing you to spend more time with your patients.

Roslan Bin Ismail

Universiti Putra Malaysia Kampus Bintulu, Sarawak

I would like to thank you for having such a great product called Doctor Assist System. It was a pleasure to have these experienced and very friendly technicians install the system. We have had your systems for close 5 years and it has been fantastic and i have to say we are amazed every day at the results. It really seems too good to be true.

Dr Tan Lean Sim

Klinik Chong, Kuching, Sarawak

I found out about Doctor Assist via pamphlets at my clinic. I choose to use the system largely due to the person in charge, who explained the system so well, that all my queries were answered. Why is it a good method? It is fast, friendly and easy to use, plus the Doctor Assist team provided excellent back-up service. Why is it a good method? It is fast, friendly and easy to use, plus the Doctor Assist team provided excellent back-up service.

There are many system in the market, and they are all competing with each other. In my opinion, the simpler the system, the better. We doctors are not geniuses when it comes to IT, so we appreciate a simpler system. A friendly and helpful person in charge is of utmost importance, especially when you experienc e difficulties. With a friendly tone and good guidance, those difficulties can be easily sorted.

Dr Daisy Ling

Klinik Ling, Skudai, Johor

What does one seek from a Clinic Management system? Simple, and easy management of patients records, quick scheduling of appointments, concise method of keeping stock of items, and finally a no-nonsense approach to billing. Doctor Assist seeks to do exactly that. I’m happy with the programme. It has enhanced my practice’s bottom line by increasing my office efficiency.

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