About Us


“Helping a good doctor to attract the people with the right needs”

Transforming doctor to run digital smart opertion
Coaching doctor to be entrepreneur doctor

“Helping the people with the right need to search for a good doctor”

Promoting awareness of treatment options based on patients the patients problem and needs.
Providing choices of qualified doctors best match patients’ requirements for better informed decision.

The transformation in Healthcare via Clinic Business Advisory, Practice Management, Clinic Management and Digital Clinic

MYWAM SDN BHD promotes the awareness thru transformation from mindset, skillset and toolset in the business area of practice management.
As Mr Dana Ariya believes, the real transformation is from the bottom workforce of the team player until the leader of the business via a core value system that everyone agrees to fight for in an organization.


Our Story, Founder, Team, Story and Vision

MYWAM SDN BHD is co-founded and seeded in 2007 by Mr Dana Ariya. MYWAM SDN BHD With 10 years of experience in helping more than 1000 doctors at digital operation and business advisory. MYWAM SDN BHD is providing clinic business advisory, practice management, digital clinic transformation on what a successfully private doctor should equip besides professional clinical skill. MYWAM SDN BHD's clientele includes Rx Clinic, Hanan Medispa, ST Tiew Dental Group, Imperial Dental, KL Fertility center in Malaysia and others across Southeast Asia such as Indonesia and Singapore.

Back to the year of 2009, Doctor Assist™ Clinic Management System was developed completely for its first installation in the medical clinic. Mr Dana Ariya, the founder who personally hands-on developed the core system, studied the customer needs and marketed it to the doctors. In the later years, Mr Dana Ariya worked with the collaboration of few medical specialists and general practitioner to provide a unique concept of practice management to meet the quality standard of managing medical records in a practical and easily executable approach. Now Doctor Assist™ Clinic Management System is not only applicable to the medical industry but also to the dentistry and other medical specialists in the later stage of 2011. It is now applicable to the aesthetic clinic, veterinary clinic, women specialist centre, paediatric clinic, physiotherapy clinic, TCM clinic an even the big wellness, diagnosis centre with large group practice like fertility centre and university.

In 2018, with Mr Dana Ariya's vision of "Helping the patients to search for the good doctors and Helping the good doctors to attract patients with the right needs", MYWAM SDN BHD has rebranded to be total clinic business solution, practice management solution by implementing a daring approaching to be the first person to lead this technology company to be a not just providing the toolset of Doctor Assist but also providing the training to upgrade the clinic for the required mindset and skill set for the total transformation in healthcare. In 2018, MYWAM SDN BHD's clientele has been reaching in more than 3 countries with more than 600 private practice bases. One of the most remarkable achievements in the company is more than 99% of the retention case along the years of the corporation in providing the solution to the customer. Example of our clienteles is Rx Clinic, Hanan Medispa, Beverly Wilshire, STTIEW Dental Group, Imperial Dental Group, ICARE Dental Group, Union Dental Group, Droche Dental Group, KLIDC, Pristine Dental, KLFertility Centre, Alpha Fert Fertility Centre, and Sehat Medical Centre.

Doctor Assist™ is continued upgraded with at least 2 upgrades in a year with its wide range of add-on service including Doctor Assist Online which features SMS broadcasting, branch management, online real-time backup and business intelligent report engine. MYWAM SDN BHD also strategically partner with medical and computer manufacturer such as Planmeca, Carestream, Vatech, Duerr Dental, Kavo, Fujitsu and Microsoft in providing seamless integration to its customer.

In the year of 2020, during the COVID-19 crisis, MYWAM SDN BHD has launched a free Teleconsultation application for individual doctors to pioneer in applying it for the patients to remotely engage with doctors via online app platform. Mr Dana Ariya has conducted more than 5 classes of online ZOOM training with more than 50pax during the MCO locked down period. This has proven that his vision of providing what are needed fo the clinic to be competitive and roadmap for the real transformation is realistic.

Vision of "Helping the patients to search for the good doctors and Helping the good doctors to attract patients with the right needs" is another one step nearer. MYWAM SDN BHD has stepped up the board of game from clinic management to become a total practice management solutions by focusing on mindset, skillset and toolset transformation of the healthcare industry.