Clinic Branch Management

Connecting Branch The Practical Way

Effective group practice management in multiple branches for a better result is never an easy task. It is true especially to the healthcare professional who needs to cope with the high volume of patients and at the same time, to manage the quality of clinical practice. This result in poor execution in clinical practice review and post patient care follow up. Addressing these issues, Doctor Assist Online allows the healthcare professional to review their operation and improve for better result quickly. Without needing to have expensive hardware infrastructure or high monthly rental cost, it will enable centralized monitoring. It generates executive reports for HQ, calculating payroll, customer service quality control and many more. In summary, it is a powerful tool for the healthcare provider to excel in the industry. The best is, our architecture does not require the branches to rely on the Internet all the time.

Smart Centralized Management System

You will know every activity at every branch and regulate everything, without having the branch to rely on the Internet all the time.

What Results Do You Get?

Daily Collection
Panel Sales/Cash Sales/Doctor Sales/Sales By Shift
Debtor List
Patient Register List
Future Appointment List By Doctor
Appointment Success Rate
Chronic Disease / Long Term Medication Patient List
Treatment Detail by Patient or By Doctor
Prescription Detail By Patient or By Doctor
Stock Balance List
MC List
Doctor Performance Indicator
Diagnosis Statistic
Clinic Claim Hopping Alert
For any statistical value report, we able to do branch comparison side by side
For any statistical value report, we able to do branch consolidation report
Consolidate of Doctor Sales (If the same doctor runs a few branches)
Appointment Online (If the same doctor runs a few branches, we allow the administrator to create the user login to let this doctor see their appointment) and many more

Easy to Enforce The Following Policies :

Price List (Stock and Service)
Panel Management (Billing Type)
Panel Pricing (if any)
User Management (create user account)
Payment Method
Panel Standing Instruction
Panel Limit Per Billing

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You are no longer limited at 7 clinics. We have a way to help you expand steadily and easily.

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