Digital Marketing In Healthcare

Specially Designed for Healthcare Professional to:

Increase the number of new patients.
Improve treatment acceptance without giving a discount.
Focus better and work less by having higher quality cases.
Improve the success rate of the appointment.
Boost profitability without lowering the price.
Lean from a proven expert in the healthcare industry

Motivate Patient to Commit and Come to You

Objective of Message Design in Healthcare
Healthcare Advertisement Case Sharing
What Do Patients Really Want
Why Must Patients Come to You
How to Motivate Them to Come to You
Hands-on Writting the Real Case Healthcare Ads
Go Live with FB Ads
Performance Review of the Ads

Reach thousands of Patients with Facebook

What Facebook is, how it works and the latest trends on Facebook
The differences between profiles, pages, groups and events
Creating a Facebook page for your business
Customizing tabs with applications to set up your page
Understanding how profiles and pages link and work together
Creating powerful posts that engage your fans
Implementing best practices on your page
Drawing fans to your page
Understanding the difference between traffic, conversion and engagement
How to set your marketing objective in Facebook
Understanding ads set, placement, target audience
Review of successful case studies and how can model after them
The do's and don't of Facebook advertising



Clinic Business Consultant

Creator of Doctor Assistâ„¢ Clinic Management Solution with 10 years experience in helping more than 1000 doctors at digital operation and business advisory. He will share his experience on what knowledge and skill a successfully private doctor should equip besides professional clinical skill in this seminar. His clientele includes ST Tiew Dental Group, Imperial Dental and KL Fertility centre in Malaysia and also in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia and Singapore.



Digital Marketing Consultant

A certified SEM professional with a solid background in developing digital marketing campaign for more than 200 clients. Cheying has worked with clients from multiple countries such as Australia, USA and Malaysia. He has helped his clients achieve gross online sales from zero to $400,000 per month.

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