Doctor Assist

Practical Clinic Management Solution

The Philosophy – Simplicity and Flexibility

Doctor Assist™ is a complete clinic management solution developed and supported locally, with the option of multi-practice enabled. It is the only solution in the world that can accommodate different practices under one roof without the need to go for a separate system for a different practice. After years of research and study were done with a group of medical, dentist and specialist with different needs, Doctor Assist™ is proven complied to Medical, Dentistry, Aesthetic, O&G, Maternity Hospital, TCM and other specialists.It is supporting the other sub-specialist too. Example, periodontist, orthodontist, ophthalmologist, physiotherapist and others.

At your fngertips - medical record keeping in the digital era

Healthcare professionals are busy individuals in nature to handle big volume of patients from all walks of life with various requests and problems. Not only to be careful of providing consultation and treatment but also pressured with an increasing amount of daily recording, monthly paperwork and human resources required. As pressure builds up, this will very likely cause treatment error, file missing and high turn-over of human resources. Those result in the unnoticeable excessive expenditure of cost and time. Just stop and think for a moment, in this modern age, there is a solution for a more straightforward manner of dealing with these issues..

Doctor Assist™ system is the result of a collaborative and best breed of practice from varying practices focusing on both procedure and prescription-intensive workflow.
As the efficiency of data storing method, it can transmit it steadily in wireless mode. The solution even comes with disaster recovery back-up plan. Doctor Assist™ has more than 600 successful projects to date, and most importantly, none of them is an abandoned case. If you are looking at huge medical records to be compressed and stored for the long term, you should start earlier to look at this solution..

Reaching Your Practice Goals Is Even Easier

Paperless Modern Clinic
Higher Patient Retention
Systematic Practice Flow
Enjoy More Free Time
Better Patient Care (Patient Education, Treatment Plan, SMS Recall / Reminder)
Business Report (Panel Invoice, Outstanding Payment, Daily Collection, Dental Commission)
Clinical Report (Patient Register, Treatment Statistic, X-Ray Report, Dispensary Report)

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