Existing Clinic

Are you looking for more quality cases, less stress and more free time?

To achieve this, are you looking for more doctors to join so you can find the balance for personal time for you and family? While busy handling the current patients, you hope the newly trained doctor under your supervision can take the load off for most of the new general cases. So that you can concentrate on handling the challenging cases? Besides training them, sometimes you even have to stand by to rescue the urgent case when the thing is not going well as expected. It is risking your reputation as the registered practitioner of the premise if something come to its worse (casualty or lawsuit, for example). For those new doctors who gains your respect, more often you go beyond to train them but also to share some valuable management experience so they can continue to stay on in the clinic as the successor or the potential partner to branch out at another location.

Most often, the thing is not going as the way you want it. Do you wonder why it happened that way? What is the missing puzzle here for you to pass thru this stage of challenge? Despite having many associates with you, still, you are the one contributing more than 60% of the total expenses by you alone. It is exhausted feeling given increasing operating expenses, but again, you have to go thru this every month. When you are away from the clinic for personal, the income stops as well. We can help you to break through the rat race you are undergoing now, for more quality cases, less stress and more free time!