Hospital Information System

Our Hospital Information System Has Helped Over 600 Malaysia & South East Asian Private Practices To Operate Efficiently. Are you looking for the following solutions:
  • An information system that cuts down paperwork, increases productivity while reduce unnecessary cost?
  • Easy to use information system and fast recording/retrieval of customer/patient records?
  • Generate advanced and detailed reports in just a few clicks?
  • Enhance customer/patient satisfaction with more attention from doctors & nurses, thanks to the vast improvement of daily operations?
hospital management system

Doctor Assist™: A Hospital Information System Solution For Hospitals In Malaysia & Asia

Doctor Assist™ is a complete solution developed and supported locally, built for all levels of operation from private clinics to big-scale hospitals that demand for a comprehensive information system. Doctor Assist™ not only works as an efficient information system to store and manage data locally, it can also be configured to accessed wirelessly over a secured network. Doctor Assist™ has completed and maintain more than 600 projects and to date all of them are still handled and maintained well with us for customer and tech support. It is the only solution in the world that can accommodate different practices under one roof without the need to go for a separate system for a different practice. After years of research and study performed together with a group of medical, dentist and specialist with different needs, Doctor Assist™ is proven to be highly suitable for Medical, Dentistry, Aesthetic, O&G, Maternity Hospital, TCM, related healthcare specialists and sub-specialists too. Some examples include periodontist, orthodontist, ophthalmologist, physiotherapist and more.

Essential Features Catered For Hospital Information System

Doctor Assist™ works on three simple key principles: 1) Intuitive customer/patient registration platform with SMS and care line services 2) Digital hand writing recognition system for ease of communication among healthcare staff and 3) Dispensary & settlement via itemized or non-itemized bills. It comes with 30 key features that are useful and essential for facilitating a systematic and smooth daily operation, no matter how big or small your organization is.

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