Multiple Branches Setup

Are you still fire-fighting?

70% of group practice owners are having this problem
Are you feeling tired supporting other underperforming clinics?
Having spent so much every month, but yet there is no 2nd person can help except your tiring spouse?
Having many associates, but they are just focusing on their case?
When there are problems, very often you are the one who is fire-fighting to solve it?
And for the new clinic, you worry the new joining associate might not try their best to grow it?
For the capable associate, who is helping you at this side, but at the same time, planning to open their practice or joining other groups?
Is it what luck that it takes to be successful or there is something you have not tried?
It looks excellent for other peers seeing you run a group practice and own many clinics, but only you will know what the stress level is.
If you are rushing one to another branch, contributing more than half of the income by you alone to feed the huge month-end bill and risking heart-attack anytime, stop and think for a moment.

You might be in this anxiety for long and what if we let you know now that all these errors can be set right from the beginning? It is your practice model that is wrong from the beginning. That is why we are here to help.
Doctor Assist

Practical Clinic Management System

The software system is important to let you focus on your real tasks. A simplified system will let you use at ease, following your pace, step by step, guided with care. An effective system is a great indicator to let you run faster and start ahead of others. A personalized system will let you use with great comfort and feel belonging. Here, you will have all the 3 critical elements together with the team behinds the platform. Just like your virtual assistants, they will help you at a critical time when you have limited or no assistant.

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Branch Management

Effective group practice management in multiple branches for a better result is never an easy task. It is true especially to the healthcare professional who need to cope with high volume of patients and at the same time to manage quality of clinical practice. This result in poor execution in clinical practice review and post patient care follow up. Addressing to these issues, Doctor Assist Online is designed to allow healthcare professional to easily review their operation and improve for better result.

Express Clinic Manager Workshop

This workshop will promote your potential candidate for this role from any fresh graduate or even the high school graduate you hire. They will be able to perform what a qualified Clinic Manager can do in the shortest time possible. At least starting with no mistake and then getting better from day to day. Most importantly, they will help you to increase your new patients and retain the existing patients.


Success Clinic Branding Workshop

Creator of Doctor Assist™ Clinic Management Solution with 10 years experience in helping more than 1000 doctors at digital operation and business advisory. He will share his experience on what knowledge and skill a successfully private doctor should equip besides professional clinical skill in this seminar. His clientele includes ST Tiew Dental Group, Imperial Dental and KL Fertility centre in Malaysia and also in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia and Singapore.