New Setup

Start it Right the First Time

What else do you think need to prepare to start private practice besides clinical preparation?

Here is what you need to start it right the first time in your private practice.

Facing the challenges from the old practice already in place as well as any upcoming new challengers, you might be thinking to start it first with the safest possible way you can. By first involving minimal good to go budget and then only start to invest more only when the patient group pick up and save as many reasonable costs as you can. If you are the one in this category, then you are alone. Many come late to aware that starting a private practice is like starting any other business. Unlike those days, patients are queuing up to wait for the limited doctor, now the patient is educated with choices, and they choose from a comprehensive perspective than just the right treatment alone.

The right clinical knowledge can save a patient life, but a right private practice business model can save a doctor life! Here is where we can prepare you to get all done which is not available during your housemanship training. At MYWAM, we will help a good doctor to attract the patient with the right needs and to prepare them to start up with the essential business knowledge in HR management, marketing strategy and operation management.