Patient Management System

We have managed to improve the quality of life for countless patients across Malaysia & South East Asia through great medical care made possible by a proven patient management system.

As healthcare providers, are these the solutions you have been looking for:
  • An automated system for seamless management of your patients
  • An integrated solution that encompasses all your patients’ management needs
  • Increased efficiency and better productivity through a well-planned patient management
  • Enhance customer/patient satisfaction from a precise and well-managed process flow
medical and nurse looking for something on a digital tablet at the hospital

Doctor Assist™: Providing Unrivalled Patient Management System

Doctor Assist™ is a complete solution developed and supported locally, built for all levels of operation from private clinics to big-scale hospitals that demand for a comprehensive patient management system. Doctor Assist™ assisted in the elevation of patient experience through a patient management system that enables overseeing large pool of patients, attended caringly on an individual basis. The system is able to store and manage data locally, while also able to be configured for wirelessly access over a secured network. Doctor Assist™ has completed and maintain more than 600 projects and to date all of them are still handled and maintained well with us for customer and tech support. It is the only solution in the world that can accommodate different practices under one roof without the need to go for a separate system for a different practice. After years of research and study performed together with a group of medical, dentist and specialist with different needs, Doctor Assist™ is proven to be highly suitable for Medical, Dentistry, Aesthetic, O&G, Maternity Hospital, TCM, related healthcare specialists and sub-specialists too. Some examples include periodontist, orthodontist, ophthalmologist, physiotherapist and more.

The Right Patient Management System For You

Doctor Assist™ works as a formidable patient management system that ensures the best integration of right features and functionality built with you in mind. From patient admission right to its discharge, the whole process flow can be recorded, monitored and follow through at ease. Our patient management system will undoubtedly place you at the forefront as a leading healthcare provider in a highly competitive healthcare industry.

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