Success Clinic Branding Workshop

Making Patients Commit Willingly Before Asking

You are not comparing, but your patients are

If a clinic without new incoming patients, and you think is the price cutting problem among the peers, then you are definitely getting it all wrong. Pricing is not a problem at all. The problem is customers do not get what they want. Therefore, pricing is not what we should worry about at all but the other criteria.

Setting up a clinic can be easily solved by spending a little more to get the quality you want. However, some matters might not be getting the right result by just spending extra money. The following questions such as:

Which location to choose.
What treatment to focus.
What product to stock up.
What patient group to focus.
How to get the patients to know us.
How to communicate with patient to speed up decision making.
Who to hire a right person.
How to let patient stay satisfied and recommending their friend and family to come on next visit.
And most importantly how fast you can break even and profit from your loan repayment!

Good news is, all of this detail can be designed and concluded in this 3 most important strategy to determine the success of a clinic:

Hiring Right.
Branding Right.
Expanding Right.
If you want to know the secret of the 3 most important strategy, welcome to our fast track workshop. Having the experience of diagnosing more than 700 clinics from the process of providing Doctor Assist Clinic Software, we have learned what makes a successful clinic.

7 Reasons Why You Must Attend:

Saving all the way to launch your clinic is definitely not working, you will learn how to generate income to surplus your monthly expenses!
You will learn the key solutions for all these 3 most important strategy in one go!
You will learn 5 practical techniques that are practised on the spot with guidance from the coach!
We will help you to locate your personalized Success Model!
We have witnessed the serious mistakes from the hundreds private doctor, we hope you are not falling into their same traps!
We are not your competitor, we can share it without any reserve.
We are the only organizer for this 3 most important strategy in 1 seminar! Now, this is the time!

What will you get after this few hours seminar?

Secrets of a successful private clinic.
How to personalize your success model.
How to advertise aligned with the Medical Act.
How to hire the right person.
Market case study sharing.

Contact us to find out when is our next 1,000 private practices experience sharing seminar!
This sharing is seasonal depends on the availability of the trainer
Contact us to find out when is our next 1,000 private practices experience sharing seminar!



Clinic Business Consultant

Creator of Doctor Assistâ„¢ Clinic Management Solution with 10 years experience in helping more than 1000 doctors at digital operation and business advisory. He will share his experience on what knowledge and skill a successfully private doctor should equip besides professional clinical skill in this seminar. His clientele includes ST Tiew Dental Group, Imperial Dental and KL Fertility centre in Malaysia and also in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia and Singapore.


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